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The security standard: Sender Confirmation Email (SCE)

Sender Confirmation Email (SCE) is a technology developed by the Julkair GmbH for the verification of email senders. With the SCE technology we give you the opportunity to set new standards for your IT security. Read the following article to find out how the SCE works and why you shouldn’t just rely on conventional antivirus software.

What is Sender Confirmation Email?

The SCE is an automatically generated e-mail from mailident®. It works similar to a confirmation of receipt. The senders of e-mails confirm that they have sent an attachment or that the e-mail was actually sent by them.

How does Sender Confirmation Email work?

The sender who sends your company an email with an attachment will automatically receive the SCE. In the e-mail there is a link to confirm the attachment. If the sender clicks on the link and confirms that he has sent the attachment, the e-mail is released by mailident®.

Let's take the following example to illustrate the function of mailident®:

Mr. Müller sends you an e-mail with an attachment. You receive the e-mail, but the attachment is classified as dangerous by mailident® and blocked. In the background mailident® automatically sends the SCE to Mr. Müller with the request to verify the attachment. As soon as Mr. Müller clicks on the link in the SCE, you can download the attachment.

What advantages do I have from the Sender Confirmation Email?

Compared to conventional antivirus software, SCE technology has the advantage that it is not an automated system. Conventional antivirus software is very vulnerable to new, unknown viruses and security vulnerabilities. The SCE on the other hand offers protection against any kind of viruses, because harmful files are not analyzed but already blocked by mailident® in a previous step. Even if you accidentally click on infected attachments or links, mailident® prevents the files from being opened.

How do I find out if the technology is suitable for me?

The SCE closes a security gap in your email communication, which is regularly exploited by hackers. If you want to know how well your company's email communication is protected, we will be happy to test it for you free of charge.

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